Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rainy Days...And Not So Much

Yesterday rained...Indoor days are a challenge. I like to have them now and then, we can catch up on laundry and cleaning... But we've had a lot of them the past few weeks, and the kiddos get bored. It seems the messes they make out weigh any cleaning that happened. Ah well, story of my life. Yesterday I was excited because I discovered a new favorite resource: Play At Home Mom blog Inspiration for sensory, indoor activities to do with your young children. LOVE IT. 

This is what we did for quite some time in the morning I was able to clean the kitchen while they created!
Yes, once again a "naked" (that's what the girls call being in your unders) day at home (ah, underwear is so versatile you know). 
Roo's bangs, the bane of my existence...Okay not THAT bad, but it drives me nuts how she can just walk around half blind unless I force matters (these aren't in chronological order this was the first picture: Above you see how nicely her hair looks pinned back).

We had a LOT of fun with playdoh, popcicle sticks, pegs, and pasta...Oh, and an egg carton. And why, yes that's a Little People baby as well...

I can't believe how strong and fast Roo has gotten this summer!! Last spring it was kind of a "agh! Light bulb Moment" as to why last winter was SO hard (Roo just seemed like a caged animal some days). I took her to this park on the first warm-enough day of spring and she rode her tricycle the entire 1.25 mile loop. I was flabbergasted. No wonder she was so miserable inside all winter! Well today I took her and she RACED the loop. I seriously had to run (pushing Friendly) to keep up with her! I am sad at how fast she's grown, she really needs a "big kid bike" (we're thinking hopefully a 16" Toy Story Bike for Christmas :0) but we've been stretching out her tricycle for the summer as Friendly isn't ready for it yet and it's SMALL (make taking it place easier). 

Holding onto the "reigns"...I really don't know what we're going to do for "big muscle play" this winter...Both girls have so much need to MOVE, constantly. Maybe instead of a outdoor bike I should get them a kiddie exercise bike...kidding...mostly! :0D

Apple slices on the bench mid-way around the loop... "Autumn" and "Apple slices" just seem to go together. And the book I'm currently reading
 Learning All the Time
 How small children begin to read, write, count and investigate the world, with out being taught
by John Holt
Loving it!
Roo is always people watching. 

Enjoying our apple slices.


Her hair, as crazy as it can drive me, is BEAUTIFUL. 

Friendly likes to sit waaay back.....sheesh. 

It was a wonderful day... 

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