Friday, September 2, 2011

FOLLOW DA LAWS!!!! And Squished Muffins

It always surprises me the things that tickle the girls funny bones. The car seems to be a place Roo is always finding some thing amusing.

My outbursts in the car have eventually lead to the girls rolling in laughter over some thing I never would have imagined could be so funny.

Several weeks back we were rushing to get out the door to take Ryan to work (we are currently a one-car family). It was early, I was tired, nauseous, and frustrated with the fact that I had to drive us there (I couldn't ride for a long time thanks to morning sickness)...And also with how late it was getting and the fact that Roo had taken her sweet time getting out to the car.

I can't say I was very pleasant.

The girls hadn't eaten breakfast so I'd popped a baggie of muffins in my purse on the way out the door. I had the kids all buckled in and waiting when Ryan rushed out and hopped in the car and scooped up my purse shoving it behind his seat. I tried to grab the purse away, "DON'T SQUISH THE MUFFINS!"

Ryan having no idea what I was talking about (and as those situations happen, I couldn't get any other word but "muffins" out.). He kept shoving. I lost it, "HEY!!!!! DON'T SQUISH THE MUFFINS!!!!!!!!!!!!"
A "what the heck are you talking about?" conversation ensued very briefly and then silence. Not a miffed angry silence a "it's too early for this nonsense" silence.

 We get a mile down the road and Roo starts giggling quietly in the back seat. It gets louder until her belly laugh is going, "Mommie said 'don't squish da muffins' oheheheheahahahaha "don't squish da MUFFINS!!!!!' Mama you YELLED it!! ohehehahahahahaha."

It really was ridiculous and she eventually had me laughing so hard my eyes were teary.  Who knew squished muffins were so hilarious? They ate their squished muffins with gusto after that little joke.

Another outburst on my part has become another joke to Roo: the girls can be entertained ridiculously with this one! We were driving and a car pulled right in front of me, cutting me off. I swerved a bit and yelled "HEY BUDDY! FOLLOW THE LAWS!!!" I'm not sure why I said this. I've never really said that before. I guess I was trying to be as PG/respectful as possible (little pitchers and all that) and it was the first thing that came out.

Roo must have gotten a stomach ache laughing over that one. "FOLLOW DA LAWS?!? YOU SAID FOLLOW DA LAWS!!!OHAHAHAHAOAOAHA!!!!!"

Again, perhaps a "had to be there" moment. But the kid certainly has a quirky sense of humor. Now randomly,  the girls will burst out with a "FOLLOW DA LAWS!!!!" from the back seat. Today it became a rhyming competition between the girls to see who could come up with the craziest form of "Follow Da LAWS!" and also "HEY NO LAUGHING! THAT'S AGAINST THE LAW!!" was added to the hilarity (try hearing Friendly spit that one out, hilarious!)

It really does make sense why some families have such strange "old jokes". We certainly will!

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