Monday, August 29, 2011

Playing, Picnics, and Crafts...That's Right!

 This picnic table is upside down about as much as it is upright! It makes a great boat, store (they line things on the upside down benches, bed and so much more. Who knew?
Enjoying a picnic at the playground.

Monkey girl Roo on the rope wall- her favorite!

Friendly, agh!!!!

Monkey girls!

The wagon, a favorite way to get around.

sleepy 3 year old.

At another playground, this one is cool: ships and a fort!

Big girl trying on her winter clothing: the 4T she is wearing here isn't going to make it through the entire winter. She's growing so fast!

I keep snapping pictures of her sleeping, I can't help myself.

 Wearing nothing but underwear...And a baby doll.
That's how it IS in our house. The minute the girls come home from anywhere they strip down to their undies. And yes, you're seeing that right: Friendly wears underwear now! Since about April I have had an impossible time keeping a diaper on that girl, if I didn't have her snapped and tucked and then some she would strip to nothing in 5 seconds flat. In late June we gave up. We went out one random Sunday afternoon and she picked out her own underwear. For about a week we dealt with constant accidents and then CLICK! She hasn't looked back. For the past couple of weeks she's been dry day and night...Accidents have become a rare thing. It feels so strange to have a diaper-free house hold... We'll enjoy it while it lasts.
babies is a favorite thing to play!

I made Roo a "pouch sling" out of scrap fabric this morning and She has been loving wearing her baby around. But it's still fun to push the stroller too. :0D

such a pretty girl.

And this I had to add because she looks so much like me...or an expression I make a lot. ha! Needles to say, she's not a fan of pictures and she didn't want hers taken here.

Playing in the basement storage area steps at our apartment complex. The dirtier and weirder the play space the better...They were pretending it was a cage...and then a cave...

Taking their naps (they were animals)
It is so fun to see all the game and ideas they have for play... Loving watching them grow.

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