Sunday, August 28, 2011

Snapshots of Summer Part TWO!

The girls have grown so much this summer! It's hard to wrap my brain around what little kids they are becoming. They are becoming such little buddies (don't get me wrong, they can certainly fight some nasty battles...) and it's incredible to watch! It's so fun to watch the phases come and go each day...Some days it's all about playing babies, others it's all about Mr. Potato Head or their toy kitchen, or dress up...It's fun to see what they'll decide to do that day.
Paging Dr. Friendly...Paging Dr. Friendly

Being puppies...They took apart my salad spinner and each had "a bowl" and filled it with Mr. Potato Head pieces for food. They happily played this until Mr. Potato head pieces because finger paints and they were "painting" the walls (completely make-believe)

Uncle Shane is only about an hour and a half away and has come to visit us a few times this summer...It's been so fun to spend time with him and the girls are definitely fans of their uncle.

And evening at the icecream shop...rocking out

watching the world go by from our patio.

out of order...But Friendly enjoying her first (I think) ice cream cone.

Pretty Roo..>Sorry it's crooked

Friendly loooves to snuggle my belly and squish her baby sibling. Newby isn't always a fan and squirms (in what I imagine is) in protest.

Chocolate Birthday Girl snuggling with Mama

Friendly on August 7th celebrating her Birthday a day early...She got Maaaarkersss.

More pictures of her Birthday to come soon! I FINALLY found the cord to the camera it's been lost all summer!

They insisted that these are their PARTY HATS...erm coffee filters have multiple uses!

Daddy and Roo.
The sand pit is their fave.

She's just so precious all the time, but especially when she's asleep.  I can't stop watching her when she's asleep. She's growing so fast.
Friendly's 2nd Birthday pics to come soon! And this week is THE FAIR!!! While we're not just around the corner since our move last February, we're close enough and plan on going and enjoying ourselves a couple days this week! :0)

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