Who Are We?

Our Life Story? Not quite. But our virtual baby book, family book...Okay it's our life.
Ryan and I (Hannah Joy) met when we were 4. His family was new in our neighborhood and had no family in town. They came to spend Thanksgiving with my family. After dinner I slammed Ryan's finger in the door. We've been fast friends ever since.
When we were 12 we went our separate ways (well his family moved to Texas). We still emailed (oh those 7th grade emails, SO funny! I really should post some sometime...) and talked on the phone, were still great friends. His family visited every other summer, lots of fun memories there.
So we grew up and I ended up in California. He ended back up in our home state. And then so did I (through a series of rather unfortunate events). Long story short, we got to hanging out over the end of a Christmas break and God kinda smacked us with the realization, "Get married!" (it was a bit more mushy and meaningful than that but the details get long). We agreed it was what He was calling us to. A few months later we fell in love (yes, after), got engaged, and got married in December 2005.
It's been a whirlwind since. Saying "see you later" to my Dad in our first year. Grieving. Welcoming our first daughter in our third year...Then Surprise! Our second daughter joined us in our fourth year. And now in our sixth...Amazed at Grace.
It is inadequate to say what God is doing. This blog is just the day to day- snippets and snapshots. But there is so much more that I wish I could explain (and I do some what here). I am so blessed to be home with our babies, soaking them up...But more of what He's pouring into us. It feels like every day is a "catch this, look!" Too much!
So on that rambly note, I'll close.
Just the tiniest snippet of our life.