Wish List 2014

I often get an email or a phone call asking for this information, and while I love getting to visit with everyone, I realize this is probably handier if you can't reach me in a pinch! This also worked well in the past and I just forgotten to make this list the last couple years. I hope this takes the headache out of sizes and interests.
I included an Amazon wish list with some ideas at the bottom of this page...

RJ will be 7 right after Christmas she is a size 6x or 7. 
She is very thin, but on the tall side. Tops and dresses with wide or scoops neck lines don't often work well as she is very petite in shoulder width.
 Wide cut neck lines are not very modest or comfortable to her. 
She loves soft fabrics and "comfortable", she seems to prefer soft pinks, purples, and grey, blue, and some green. She is a soft, active, person. She loves skirts with shorts built into them.

Gift Ideas for RJ...
1) Jokes, if you have any that you think am almost 7 year old would enjoy feel free to tuck them in a Christmas card ( all the kids love and treasure cards!!!) and send her the gift of a good laugh. She will be retelling it wrong and cracking up over it weeks on end, and we love that.

2) Science related Usborn books-Human body, space, habitats, Ancient Egypt, or human bodies, she loves music and dance as well
3) art supplies- RJ loves to draw and books about sketching are of special interest to her. 

***we already own the DK Animal Encyclopedia, the Usborn Childrens encyclopedia, the Usborn "Starting Point Science" and "Science Activities" that is it***

3) Puzzles 100- 250 would be the top - some thing that we could do In 30 minutes. She likes cats, dogs, anything adorable.

AJ Gift ideas...
AJ is 5 and firmly in size 5, at this rate size 6 will fit her next summer, but 5 will probably do for a while. She has a very different build from RJ and has strong shoulders and thin hips, elastic waist or pants with elastic tightened in them very much preferred. She likes skinny cut jeans a lot.
She likes purple, pink, and is drawn towards bright happy colors, she likes leggings, tights, and things that have some substance to them. She is picky about tags and won't wear things if they are itchy or scratchy.  She is incredibly active and incredibly hard on clothing, patterns and things that hide stains are always a welcome addition to her wardrobe. She likes "cute" and pretty stuff, the more flamboyant the better. Some of her clothing combinations are just so awesome, I can't even.

1) CARDS WITH SPECIAL NOTES!! This kid saves ALL the cards she has ever gotten, every birthday since she was 2 she has carried her Birthday cards around the house for weeks...months...decorating them with scribbles and extra stickers until they were unrecogizable and stashed away for safe keeping. A Christmas card with a dollar inside is even more thrilling.

2) she is really into dance, that is a of interest of hers and she very much enjoys looking at big lap books all about dance and dancers. She also took an interest in volcanoes and weather so science related books are often a win with her.

3) art!!!!! The kid can craft like crazy. art kits are thrilling I out a few on the wish list

4) anything that gets her moving and wears her out. She struggles so much in the winter months to find an outlet for her energy. And not enough big muscle movement triggers a lot of sensory disregulation. I put some active sensory related gifts on the wish list at the top of the page.

PJ Gift Ideas...
Pip is a growing girly also built completely different from her sisters, she has a very dense and evenly proportioned build, kind of long torso leaning as she seems to out grow her tops in length in ways her sisters have not. She loves anything "beautiful". she prefers leggings or tights, she will not wear jeans. Her favorite color is and has been for a long time is BLUE. She has an affinity for butterflies and glitter.  She is in 3T and 4T pants (4T is best, she is growing like crazy and leans tall) and tops both sizes fit. If you are looking for summer stuff go with 4T.

1) she loves stickers and reusable sticker scenes would thrill her.

2) she loves cozy stories and silly books

3) floor puzzles

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