Sunday, August 28, 2011

Snap Shots of Summer Part One!

This summer has been incredibly busy! Well...Busy mixed with a lot of sickness for this Mama, it has lingered much longer and more tenaciously than I remember it doing with Friendly. I gotta say, so not a fan!

I'm officially 20 weeks pregnant with "Newby", half way there, hard to believe!!  Baby is growing wonderfully,  heart rate has been in the 120's at appointments. Baby is active and wakes up and starts moving whenever I'm near running water or when the girls start playing with my tummy. Friendly got kicked today and she thought it the funniest thing ever! The only weird thing this pregnancy is that I'm measuring 12 weeks ahead,  yup, 12. My fondus (top of my uterus) is up at 32weeks.  They are double checking for twins at our ultrasound this week, that would be exciting! But we're leaning towards it being a "3rd baby" thing. My body knows what to do and is doing it a little too fast! It feels strange to be so big already. Other than that, most days feeling wonderful (finally!).

So with out further ado... Pictures from our summer Part One!

Yes, head protection is a MUST for this job!

Off to play with chalk! It's been so precious to watch their little friendship (and some times sworn enemyship) bloom this summer!

The fish hatchery was a hit!

working in the garden together.

Roo drew this picture of all of us at the play ground...We're all on swings and she even made a little slide. I believe this was drawn in June.
 Roo still needing a daily nap. I also really need a daily nap and have taken the mindset "as long as you're quiet and not defacing any thing, have at it!" So some days Roo sneaks out and plays or reads alone. I think she enjoys getting the living room all to her self. I know she enjoys the space from her intense little sister.  A few times this summer Friendly and I have woken from our nap to find this...

Friendly has gotten so independent at the playground this summer. She climbs ladders like her big sister, takes on great big slides. It is a lot of fun taking them to the playgrounds now. Nice because I don't have to play on all the equipment too (though still do)...It's mostly nice not to have my heart in my mouth at all times because Friendly is...Friendly. I have never seen the beat of her in thinking she's 10, not 2! She's getting better and better at judging when she needs help and when she can "do it myswelf!". I can relax a bit.

 Friendly is a cuddle bug. As I've been spending a lot of my time in bed or on the couch the past couple months she has been my buddy...Keeping me company, singing me songs and snuggling.
 Roo too loves to crawl into bed with me... and tell me about the dreams she had last night, or visit.

Pinecones found on one of her many adventures with Daddy!

Roo climbed up there alone, Ryan turned around and was shocked to see her up there.

Dress Like a Cow: Cow Appreciation Day...My two little calves!

We had to take Friendly to the ER for some thing back in early July (she was okay)... Roo spent the afternoon with Nana and got ICE CREAM!!!!!!!

Water play rocks

getting soaked at Nanas

At the pool in early July

Both girls loved the pool this summer

And the little pool on our patio

Friendly, warrior, superhero, princess: she put this ensemble together herself!

I shot this in the driveway at Ryans work several weeks ago: beautiful!

A trip to the schmorgesboard with family in Mid July

Friendly being so...Friendly!

We love the duck pond at our favorite park!

Daddy and his girls!

more pool fun!

Roo's first face paint!
More pictures to come soon!!!!! Gotta run peanut butter popcorn and a Veggie Tales movie to start ASAP!

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