Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Autumn Shifting...Chalk City

Monday was beautiful! A perfect morning. And since "they" were calling for rain and overcast skies all week we made a morning of it at the park. We spent 3 hours playing, running, and creating a side walk "city". 

Can you see our city??
Can you tell this was the end of the 3 hours? They were TIRED.

Leftover of Roo's shadow...

Looking for ducks...

Oh the joy of STICKS!

Taken when I was laying in the grass...enjoying the almost- Autumn sunshine. 

She reall wanted it to stick in the ground so it could be a "sail". 

They were so excited that the leaves were starting to fall!

Throwing them up and yelling "The leaves are falling the leaves are falling! IT'S FAAAAALL!"
My girls. 

They played under these trees for a lovely long time. This is our favorite spot in the park. 

Two days until Autumn begins....And counting!!!

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