Sunday, September 18, 2011

Septembember Biding...

I really doubt you can see the beautiful blue crane on the mound of dirt to the left of the tree... I was wishing I had a zoom on my phone!

Another attempt.
 We love "our park" ... Since our move we don't get there as much as we used to (it's not in walking distance any more!)... But a little over a week ago we headed over: we had a wonderful time.
Friendly chasing ducks

After the park we headed over to pick up Ryan up from work... I looked back in the rear view mirror and Roo had rigged herself up like this! :0) She made it funny by pretending to pick her nose.

Our Hula Queen! She is AMAZING! A few months ago she begged for a hula hoop...Ryan and I took her on a special date and she picked this one out.

She practiced....And practiced...

And she can now get up to 30 seconds of hula hooping!!!!

So proud!

We were waiting for Ryan to get out of work....

So I thought I'd take some pictures of Newby's progress: This is 22weeks.

Playing and waiting...
But our VAN IS FIXED! So no more waiting for Daddy to get out of work... It's been a nice season, but I'm glad it's done. Especially with these lovely fall days starting to stick around we'll have more time to do other things besides bide our time.

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