Thursday, September 8, 2011

C-K-E-S's Definitely On The List!

Just a bit ago Ryan disappeared for a few minutes. When he came back he started explaining why he had been gone. He was eating a food he didn't want to share with certain little toddlers. Toddlers who do great impressions of baby birds. Toddlers who do not understand "sorry, MY snack" very well. I asked what the food was and he spelled it. Friendly piped up "C-K-E-S's ICECREAM!!!!!" 
No, not quite but definitely on the list of "things we eat while hiding from the kids" list! :0D
 I don't think a day has gone by since we moved into this apartment that I haven't thanked God for the "secret way" from our bedroom to the kitchen...I can sneak many a treat (or a meal I don't feel like only getting half -if that- of!) by ducking back there with out having to carry it through where the girls are playing. Down right convenient!!

Friendly is in an intense stage...She is getting more verbal and yet, really only has so much she can say.
A conversation I listened in on earlier:
Friendly: Is Wiley Tiwed Daddy?
Ryan: Yes, she seems to be.
Friendly: Is Mommie Tiwed Daddy?
Ryan: probably.
Friendly: awe you tiwed Daddy?
Ryan: yes.
Friendly: Is I Tiwed Daddy?
Ryan: YES we're ALL TIRED!!!
Let's hope that stands true in an hour when we start bedtime!
Also just now...Ryan: "Oh Friendly, stop! That's NOT water" (he had turned to find Friendly splashing her fingers in the small bowl of vinegar I had put on the table) ...Friendly "what?" Ryan: "It isn't water...Taste your fingers, go ahead!" Friendly dipped her fingers back in the bowl and took a taste... And then dipped again. And again...

I think that plan back fired.

She definitely keeps us laughing!

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