Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rainy Day Play...

This is today....We went for a LONG (an hour!) walk in the rain...FUN!
Roo dancing up a "River"...

Friendly concentrating so she doesn't lose a boot!

We called this being a "puddle patter"....That made us all laugh when we tried to say it FAST.

REALLY deep puddle, we played in this one a LONG time.

We found mushrooms in a neighbors yard.

Roo saw me walking with my hands in my pockets and discovered what a cozy treat it is.

Friendly caught on as well

The drain grate with the "water down dere" was very interesting.

This is yesterday: we got home from taking Daddy to work and couldn't resist the puddles: we stayed out and jumped and jumped!!!

Roo a BIG fan of puddles!

Sweet Friendly

Love them.

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