Sunday, September 4, 2011

The FAIR 2011 and Other Fun

Friendly's favorite game: "playing baby" she crawls up in Roo's lap and goo's and gaa's...And generally squirms around so much until she gets shoved off (this is mid shove)

Roo moved away :0)

Ah, this one gets into trouble with her sister. She just can't take "leave me alone" for an answer. EVER. Roo (sad to say) had shoved her away and knocked her down in the living room...I was in the bedroom, and heard what was happening: Friendly crawled/walked on her knees across the entire apartment (cryyyying) "R knocked me DOWN!!! Mama R knocked me DOWWWWWN!!!!" I took a picture because I thought it was so funny that she walked on her knees. Yes, I'm that Mom. Drama drama drama.

The Fair! The Fair! The Fair! The Fair! We LOVE seeing the animals at the fair.

We discovered the fish this year, a hit!

The goats were a big hit this year, we spent the most time with the goats.

This was Roo's FAVORITE she spent over 5 minutes both days we went petting this sweet goat. I think they became friends.

The Sheep "in clothing" were a riot...At least to the girls...They kept cracking up over the fact that the animals were "wearing clothing"!

And the DOG SHOW...Roo has talked about this EVERY time we've driven by the fair grounds. For the last y ear it has come up a lot. She was so so so excited that they were back!

She really likes those stunt dogs! We went back to my Mom's after the fair and she was trying to get Barnabas to jump over her toy giraffe and do stunts on the back deck. Or at least SIT. He just ran in circles ignoring her...I don't think her hopes of training him to do stunts are gone quiet yet... I have a feeling he will be hearing a lot more about this!

Ah, Fun with BIKES! while the back of our apartment complex isn't pretty, it is GREAT place for playing (when it's not scorching hot!). There is a long drive way running along the back of our building that is a wonderful place to ride bikes, play hopscotch and run around in the grass...And it has "green boxes" not just one but THREE! Growing up my family had a "green box" in the front yard. It was our "base" for tag, manhunt, toast and a a meeting seems to serve the same purpose for the games the kids in our neighborhood (now) play as well!

They are giving the front of the buildings a face lift, pulling out a lot of the old arborvitae (blegh!)...They had it piled up by the drive way for a couple days. Friendly was playing "Bob the Builder" and was pretending to mvoe it with her bike.

Friday at the Fair

Another shot from Friday at the fair. <3
And now off to enjoy the rest of our labor day weekend!

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