Sunday, September 18, 2011

OH so many RAINY Days!

Ready For their Rainy Day Walk...

 Autumn has arrived!!! And with it the rains and the chilly air! We are loving the changing of seasons....But the stuck-inside-days can be a hard pill to swallow...especially when it's so dark and rainy outside.
This particular walk wasn't the happiest walk ever...It got a little windy and cooler than we reckoned for. But we got OUTSIDE!
Friendly takes her art very seriously!
 When we came back inside we did some crafts!!! Roo insisted we needed to make we did.

I am so proud of the work they did. Roo did every thing on her mask by herself except cutting out the holes and "tying" the pipe cleaners (that she threaded through!)

And Friendly did too!! She was so careful with the glue.

Trying on their masks the next morning.

Friendly's. All her own work.


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