Sunday, September 18, 2011


Friday Riding in our VAN! We've been a one car family since April...It's wonderful to have it back!

Newby And I waiting to go...

SATURDAY: Roo LOVES side walk chalk right now... She could draw for hours.

At Nana's house... We wrote on the front steps... Do you see Roo's version of welcome (it's backwards but there are definite copying of letters happening there!) and up on the top steps she wrote a few C's and O's and a "bubble A" (far right) and in the center she said "That's my HAPPY CHILD." That's what she calls all her potato people. She gets the term "Happy Child" from Toy Story...You know the part where Sid (the bad kid) is laughing and Buzz Lightyear says "You mean that HAPPY CHILD?" I don't think Roo caught the humor...But the phrase stuck and she loves using it!

TODAY: Daddy made them a hopscotch...But he couldn't understand why they couldn't use it! :0D (in case you can't see: it's that minuscule thing of rectangles between them!)

Roo Jumping away on the "big" hopscotch.

Sweet Friendly gave us a bit of a scare today. They were all running around being crazy and Ryan was chasing them and making them laugh and run, and laugh and run... Well they were doing this for over 10 minutes when Friendly laughed so hard she tripped and fell and hit her head (on the soft carpet). While she was "winding up" to scream Ryan went over her and scooped her up and went to carry her to me...As they were crossing the room to me Friendly went limp. Fainted. Out cold. Thankfully the spell only lasted a few seconds and she came to WAILING. I've heard of kids doing this before, but it had never happened to us and UGH. Nothing worse than seeing your baby unconscious! She is totally fine (as you can see from these pictures, after the fact) but gave us a good scare!

Another Newby Picture: 23ish weeks.

Roo Drawing a "snow man".

Ryan is a GOOF!

More Newby...

More Newby...

Touching the water...AKA getting filthy.

I was trying to get in the picture.

They really liked touching the water, no one fell in...sucess.

such a pretty spot.

playing "pooh sticks".

This cracked me up! Roo is terrified of riding on Ryan's shoulders. But I think because Friendly loves it so much Roo feels the need to keep trying it. She usually clings to Ryan's eye sockets (no joke) like there is no tomorrow...Our little octopi high above the ground. Well This ride started out that way... At some point we passed some dogs and Roo turned "side saddle" to watch... For some reason this way feels safer to her (though it's so not!) and she happily rode like this for quite some time. I'm sure Ryan's eye balls appreciated it!

Friendly JUMPING over the root. <3

Roo saw a segment on tracing people's shadows on Curious George (PBS show) and has been waiting and waiting for a good sunny afternoon to really have fun with it. Today she got her chance!

She patiently traced Daddy's LOOOOONG shadow. Cutest thing we've ever watched, seriously.

I was trying to get a shadow shot of Newby...and caught one of the whole family!!

Roo tracing my shadow.

Can you see "Newby"? Ryan drew her into the shadow. :0) She's such a part of our lives already, the girls love to talk to her... Friendly especially spends a LOT of time snuggling my belly and talking to the baby. We're so excited to have her HERE with us, joining in all the fun!

Another attempt at a family shadow shot!


It doesn't really look like it here, but Roo was trying to push the train. She just didn't' get why it wouldn't MOVE!

This was another Train... Rocks are good for that too!
After this Friendly announced "I have to go pee-pee!" and while we were walking to the van (where we keep a little potty for such occasions) she had a bit of an accident. I need to toot my horn, because I have faithfully lugged extra changes of clothing around in my bag for weeks... And for weeks we have not needed them! But there was that one day where some one had an accident and ended up riding home wrapped in some thing I found in the back of the car (I wasn't prepared)... After that I swore I would be prepared: and today I was! Or I thought I was! Friendly got Ryan's shirt (he was carrying her) all wet. I never thought I'd have to pack changes of clothing for us too. Either way, I so excited that I didn't have to end our fun afternoon on a sour note (I mean Ryan's shirt will probably be a bit sour...).

After we got her cleaned up the girls rode bikes and had some more fun.

Well I am getting VERY tired from this busy weekend...And we just tucked two very tired souls into bed...It's been a wonderful weekend!

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