Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sloppy Sunday and other Sillies

 The girls are really into dressing themselves. This leads to some REALLY interesting outfits. Last Saturday night Roo had decided she wanted to wear a size 18mos dress to bed the night before. Fine whatever, it isn't so bad, and as long as she sleeps. Well the next morning, Ryan wanted to take the girls to the playground. I hear "We're all dressed to go" and come out to find thee outfit combinations. 

This is the only picture she would let me take of her.  Black and white geometric designed "dress" with pink and yellow plaid capris and pink converses...Daddy SO helped!

Friendly with a pink and pink and blue tripped top and orange and green leggings (And Ryan being goofy).

Friendly love to eat things with her toes...

Friendly Dressed herself...Pink shorts...slighly different pink (long sleeved) shirt and a red shirt pulled over her head for accent...And a toilet paper roll for good measure. <3

This gives you a better idea!

Playing in the "sand" while we waited for Daddy to get out of work.
Wednesday was "dress day", no one told me but when we got up in the morning that was what the girls insisted we wear. Riley wore a dress with easter eggs on it. And Friendly picked out her dress too.

Another funny combination: a too-small butterfly shirt and REALLY REALLY small red shorts. Ah well, we've been stuck home a lot because rainy days. 

Catching up on blogging..lots more posts to come!

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