Sunday, December 28, 2014

Pip's Art Work...

I love the little Aliens this child makes! You've got to see all these amazing little people...

Much like her sisters, but completely unique! She LOVES to create!!! She has gotten so good at chopping things up with scissors! Ask the vacuum it sure gets a work out after she's been working with scissors.

This was one of her first people back in September (she was 2.75 years old) You can see on the top right side P....i....p she writes her name!

This she said is Daddy and she tried to make a "D" next to it. I think it looks like the ferocious beast from Maggie and the ferocious beast.

This one below she tried to write her name, but messed it up and crumpled the paper up.

Then she drew her face ANGRY (above) she was mad it didn't work out!

 And the one above is our entire family... It is the first time she attempted so many people in a picture before! She made Daddy biggest, and then I am the one on the top left with the arms...She is the one next to Daddy and then Riley is next to me Amity is in the middle nad at the bottom by Daddy's feet is a "baby brudder". We have no idea where she got the concept of a "baby brudder" but it sure gave us a good laugh!
She made this picture for me for my Birthday and hung it up on the wall just for me! It is a picture of me and Her.

We love our little artist and her little pictures and the stories she shares about her pictrures. They are the best.

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