Thursday, December 25, 2014

Family Vacation 2014 MAINE

Oh Maine! Our 2 day trip up to the coast of Maine was such a sweet brief crown to the trip! Getting to reconnect with more family, it was my favorite! It was completely worth the extra 12 hours (when it was all said and done) to our trip. Again the kids did fantastically in the car, and despite the dreary weather we had a wonderful lovely time!

We walked to the beach, climbed on rocks, watched the harbor, bopped into the little village for some shopping, and stayed up way way too late both nights we were there.

Dinner the evening we arrived...The girls were completely out of their element but I was constantly surprised with how amazing they did with all the changes, new people, and adventures! They all had generally wonderful happy go lucky attittudes about the whole thing. Yay for being bigger and travelling better!


The view from where the girls are sitting in the top picture (my Aunt and Uncles back porch)

My Aunts family house in Boothsbay Harbor Main was just like this haven, it was very much like stepping way way back in time. It was quite an experience!

The kids loved the rocks by their house...

And when the rain got to be too much they settled down in a corner of the house for some coloring and tinker toy fun!

Our short little trip into Demariscotta...

And relaxing around the house watching the rain in the harbor...
One of my favorite moments of the whole trip: my baby napping in my arms. She was so small, and it was just one of the most relaxing hours of my life, watching the rain and visiting with my brother and cousin.

My brother playing guitar...This is actually on the Cape, but I didn't have a picture of him in Maine (He took most of the pictures in this post)

Ryan visiting with my Cousin Tom.

From our drive home, heading down by Portsmouth. Gorgeous sunrise.

Our trip home was wonderful. We made fantastic time. We swung down through New Hampshire to visit my Dad's Dad for a couple of hours and then we made a straight shoot home, made it in FIVE hours! The kids binge watched Doc McStuffins and Little Bear on the ipad, ate CONSTANTLY, and Ryan and I got to hang out.

It was just such a lovely trip. Truly the highlight of the year.

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