Thursday, December 25, 2014

Autumn 2014 Recap: SCHOOL

School school school! We started some fun new things this school year!

We launched into the school year with ALL THINGS ANIMALS....We also added an extra 2 year old to our crew during the weekdays. M has been a lovely addition to our days and we have had a lot of fun exploring things together.

We started off pretty strong, we stuck to a letter and a number every week...But some where around mid October that got lost in the shuffle...

But boy was the shuffle fun! Here are some pictures from our school year so far...

Our Autumn Leaf Craft.

This child LOVES school... She is beginning to sound out words (yes, age 2)

Our trip to the science Center.

Friendly playing with balance.
From our habitat studies: Our habitat is a house! We had fun/

Pip's first ever picture of a person!!! This is from Late August (She was newly 2 and a half!) I thought for certain her sisters had drawn it until she showed me how she did it! Look at all those body parts! And the arms don't come out of the head, but the legs,so different from other new drawings I have seen before.

Alphabet fun!

Our Craft after our study on nocturnal animals...

Scented SEVEN! (mint leaves)

Our field trip to the firestation....It was kind of a bright afternoon!!!

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