Thursday, December 25, 2014

Friendly Turned 5

Sunshiney 5! Exuberant 5. Able to do new things FIVE!

Repunzal/ Cousin It 5... ;0D This was a gift from Grandma and GranDad B.

We had a little Splishy Splashy Fairy Fun Birthday party for her with a few of her friends near her Birthday in August ....

Our advenrterous

Ever Creative

We are so happy she is part of our world!!

Hard to believe that happy Gerber baby has grown so fast!

Newly 4...Thinking Kiddo

4th Birthday

4th Birthday Trip

Two and a half!
Summer before her third Birthday

Third Birthday

4th Brithday

Christmas after her 4th Birthday

Newly 3

Summer before her 4th Birthday

We are so so very happy she is part of our world. Our family wouldn't be what it is with out HER!!!!

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