Thursday, December 25, 2014

Summer Recap 2014

Summer 2014 was so very sweet...These snap shots are just snippets from some of my favorite moments...
Roller blading, scooters, and chalk out front, one of our favorite things to do...
 The kids wanted to sell some thing out front, we settled on cucumbers and necklaces! We sold 14 cucumbers!
 One of our many trips to the "our spot" at the park...
 Daddy reading to our little book worm.
 We bought 10 pounds of blueberries for $25 one summer day, we had a LOT of fun processing them.
 Pig tail Twins.
 Another favorite spot, rolling down the hill at the rose garden
This kid was a sand box playing fiend this summer!
 Much playing in the back yard!
 Processing about a gazillion quarts of pickles this summer!
Robot making fun!
My favorite and my best! Evening walks with our "baby" with Ryan. We would walk and listen to her perky little input and comments on what she saw, we would try to have a conversation as well. I look forward to the warm weather and longer days swinging back around.

Another favorite moment! These two are getting so big and coordinated on the BIG playground, I could lose them there for hours they just play and play.

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