Sunday, December 28, 2014

Autumn Recap: Around Home Outdoors!

We really enjoyed a beautiful fall...Lots of fresh sunny days and warm weather!

We enjoyed many "nature" walks around the neighborhood together

We built forts in the back yard...

And played chalk out front while we waited for M's family to get home...
Friendly took this picture of me during chalk time. :) This was October 2014
 We pushed our Kaloo Bears around
 And rode our bikes in the ally out back...

Discussing what kind of critters live down in those grates...Maybe alligators.
And we took more walks...One brave day I took all 4 kids for a walk to the local grocery store for special snacks...The older two insisted tehy bring their baby doll strollers along with them. It was all well and good until they got tired, and then it was pretty comical! Me, with one toddler on my back, lugging this overflowing wagon, baby doll strollers stacked on top of the pile of tired kids! It certainly will be a fond (if not sweaty exhausting) memory!
They really were such little troopers, they walked pretty much 2 miles of the 3 mile trip, but BOY I got the brunt of that last mile.

Tired Kids...

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