Thursday, December 25, 2014

Family Vacation Cape Cod Part 2 Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower

Our Trip to visit the Mayflower II was a lot of fun! We had studied a tiny bit about early American History in our review of Creation through the Bible and a hop skip and a jump up through the Civil War in school last year. So the girls were familiar with the pilgrims and the Mayflower and were looking forward to this trip to go on a real old ship (it is a replica ;))

It was a HOT July day, sweltering for that neck of the woods, but we sure had fun with my Mom and brother Joe.

We started off our trip in Plymouth joining a walking tour around the area near Plymouth rock, the kids were such troopers and we lasted with the tour for a lot longer than I expected to!


Visiting the Memorial of the brave Women who travelled on the Mayflower
I had been to see Plymouth Rock back when I was a child, gotta say...Just as underwhelming as an adult.

We really enjoyed exploring the (small!) ship. Having 3 small children on that ship sure gave me an appreciation for what the Mothers on that voyage must have gone through, I strapped Pip onto my back because YIKES!!! The kids thought it was AWESOME.

Photo Op!

I am so glad we were able to take this little field trip! I look forward to going again when the kids are a bit older and we can go around to some of the other historical sites and explore a bit more together!

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