Sunday, December 28, 2014

Did I tell You About the Fair?

We went to the fair in Late August. It happened to fall the day before M joined our days, so we went together as a last hurrah- just the 4 of us. Not that we don't love having M this school year, but it feels like we're in a new stage now...Like that was Summer, and it's over. And that special summer when the kids were 2, 4 and 6 will never come again...And visiting the fair (one of our favorite things) was the thing that happened at the end of that time.

And then we went back with M to see the cows and butterflies...

Our First trip...Just the 4 of us.

The goats.

Then we went back to the butterfly house a few days later with M it was so so much fun! We got to see a Butterfly come out of it's chrysalis!

Roo watching the butterflies in action!

Pip and M were so so funny on this trip! They were little pro's scooping up the butterflies...And then scolding them for flying away. Pip (who is an avid butterfly lover) was super super into this whole holding butterflies business!
And now I told you about The Fair...

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