Sunday, December 28, 2014

Autumn Recap: Around Home Randomly!

Oh goodness here we go!!! Just when I think "Well I've sectioned out this blogging subject thing really well and I a catching up from nearly a year of not blogging pretty well."

Yeah....No! So much more to share!

Here we go Autumn Recap round a million! At Home Randomly!

A date with this sweet beautiful child.

She came downstairs and fell back to sleep next to me during her nap.
Asleep in the car, such a baby.

Whenever she wore those pants (sadly too small) she would sit above me on the couch and crow "I yourw WAINBOW!!!!"

Pippy was sporting a major mullet, and she got her first hair cut in late August. She was NOT happy that I allowed that strange woman to TOUCH her. She pouted like this all the way home. She did great for the hair cut. She sat quietly and held my hand..

No more mullet!!!
 One of the best things that Autumn brought was the leap to invest in a new family vehicle. My goodness it was so desperately needed. Between cramming the kid 3-across in the back of a 5 passneger car for over a year and not being able to run errands or go any where with little M with us Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. until 4p.m. every day...Well it was time.  We got a 2009 Toyota Sienne with only 64,000 Miles on it! It has been such an incredible blessing! We have room to give people rides, to take more than 3 kids places, and to fit more comfortably! :)
 This little girl is growing so fast...Too fast! She loves to be read to...

 He's hilarious. This is a scene a few times a month he comes home from work and passes out. This time he had sound control implemented as well. :)
 Where is Friendly?
 And Pipsqueak?
And how was that for random??

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