Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas 2014

Christmas Vacation is just moving too quickly! Ryan has been off since Christmas Eve and we've been enjoying slow restful days.

Christmas Eve we decided to go ahead and attend the family Christmas party at my Aunt's house. We had kind of sworn it off because it = crazy wound up kids at bedtime and the last year we went Pip screeeeeeamed the entire 2 hour ride home...It really is only 50 minutes, but that night it also snowed several inches while we were at the party and it was a torturous and agonizing crawl home. But this year they were bigger, and we decided we would go. We had a lot of fun seeing family and the kids wore their fancy Christmas dresses and had a blast.

I have pictures from that night some where but I need to dig them up.

For now...Christmas Morning...
The Family Tree Christmas Eve...

This sweet baby just slept and slept after bouncing off the walls until past 10 the night before! We had to wake her up and even then it took some work. She is not an early riser....But still, this is probably the last year of her childhood that she'll sleep in on Christmas morning...A little bitter sweet.
Waiting to go down and see the tree and presents.

More waiting
Listening to Daddy read Luke 2 before presets.

I don't have any pictures of picture opening. Daddy Joy took tons of video and we'll be getting that up on the blog soon!

Christmas gift highlights

Roo: recieved a REAL BIG American Girl Doll (Isabell), a new awesome Transformer set (Optimus Prime and Grimlock), a music box from Great Grandma and Grandpa C, and a really cool movie maker Goldiblox set from Uncle Shane
Friendly: Recieved an Elsa Doll (Frozen), a really cool reel and spin Goldiblox set, a music box (both from people above), and  a giant Lego set.
Pip recieved a American Girl Bitty baby, a music box, some new favorite books from Uncle Shane).
We also recieved a YEAR ZOO pass to the big zoo an hour away from my Sisters K and C I wish we could go WITH them some time, but we'll definitely send pictures.  I can't wait to go (we were hoping to this break but some things came up that made it a not-good idea right now). Looking forward to TONS of trips this summer with the kids and as many weekend morning trips as we can squeeze in this winter/spring!
Animals are a huge part of our school this year and the girls can't wait to go!
It was a really big "gift" Christmas and we feel so blessed and thankful to the family, they made it so special!

And now we move onto a certain Birthday Child...7! Can you believe it?

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