Friday, January 23, 2015

Slow Winter Days...

I haven't been feeling well the last few weeks and the days have been very low key and cozy. We don't tend to go out much in January and February, between the bitter cold and lack of things to do, and the the flu raging about, we prefer to be a bit sick of each other and cozy at home, then a bit sick of each other and sick and miserable as well! We've been enjoying long cozy days of reading, listening to Adventures in Oddysey, playing with toys and watching movies. School has been pretty low key as well, lots of Reading Rainbow, books, youtube videos, coloring painting, and very little book work. It is our last year of not having to log school days and we're living it up! :)

Lots of fun and sweet moments to enjoy...Because I haven't been feeling very well Pip has been my sidekick...She snuggles right up and keeps me company and I have so been enjoying all her sweet little toddler ways.

She created this superhero get up...A cape, a winter hat, pearls, and a wand! Suuuuuper Pip!

We've been trying out some new movies too...We recently all watched Tarzan together for the first time and the kids LOVED it!!
 And while I rest Daddy Joy holds down the fort... He and Roo have lots of fun together...Roo set up her transformers helping them bake bread. :) That child LOVES Transformers, she carries them around the house transforming and playing out some serious adventures. These 2 are her newest ones she received for her Birthday a few weeks ago...
This kid LOVES to build and design things.

And snuggle. She's been shortening her nap down to about 30-40 minutes a day, she comes down half asleep and upset and falls back to sleep...some times with me...Some times alone..
and she falls back to sleep for the rest of her normal nap time...

I can't believe this baby will be THREE in a few days! We've been joking that it feels like she should have had her Birthday several weeks ago already, and we think of her as three...But now it is actually happening and it is hard to believe!

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