Saturday, February 28, 2015

3 Years Old

I just realized that life got away from me and I never "celebrated" the Pip Squeaks 3rd Birthday on our blog!
Hard to believe it's been 3 years since her first day...

all 7lbs 8 oz and 20 1/2 inches of her. 

Looking through pictures of her first year it is impossible to pick a favorite...Never before has there ever been such a happy, wise, sweet sweet baby. She was delicious to have and hold and the joy of having her in our family has grown each day!

waving "hi" on her 5 month Birthday

Snuggle bug of snuggle bugs.
A Daddy cuddle is a wonderful thing!

Always finding some thing fun!

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world class climber at 10 months old- scaling all the things to dump all the things!

Her First Birthday!
And then being ONE...Still such a baby! We called you our baby, you were walking but still such a sweet chubby toddling baby.

I have hundreds of pictures and millions of moments holding you like this. I have never known such a snuggle bug.

And then you were TWO! And what a wonderful year TWO was. You truly were a toddler now, running, talking...You loved to draw and "do school" and play letters and sounds and sing songs. And snuggle...always up for a snuggle....

you painted your face!

First viewing of Frozen, a favorite movie and theme of our life in your third year!

Our ever present little side kick!
But getting big enough to join your sisters in new adventures!

I am so glad I took so many pictures of this sleeping face, it has changed so much and I rarely get to see it now as you've begun to drop naps.
And the back/side of this head. So many hours of you pressed against my side, watching the world with me.

One of our night walks. Your chirpy little voice as you pointed to a squirrel in a tree or heard the wind blowing the leaves.

Your first trip to the beach.

I held you while you napped a lot, I thought you were my last and I couldn't get enough! No regrets.

Ever the book lover, you love to be read to!

Your "Frist Day Of School!"

We have a lot of inside jokes.

3 out of 7 days you'd wake up from nap before you were ready and come and find me and snuggle with me for the second half of nap.

First hair cut, you were very offended Mommy let that stranger TOUCH you! You still talk about it, though now you go on and on about how brave you were "In da summer when I got my hairw cut!"

"I'm Yourw WAINBOW!"
Doc McPip is on the job!
As My Mother put it, "Breakfast the most dangerous meal of the day!"

2 year old Pip was obsessed with Butterflies! (Bye-eyes!) getting to hold them at the Butterfly house was a giant highlight!

Mommy isn't the only one who gets snuggles, Daddy has had tons and tons too!
Gloriously 2 and now onto Fabulously 3! We are SO happy you are part of our world. 
Another true JOY!

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