Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Home Improvements...Before and...Middles. Family Room/School Room

We've been working like CRAZY this summer.
  • We ripped off the large portion of the deck
  • hauled away the debris
  • dug a patio
  • poured 5,665lbs of sand for patio
  • laid 35 patio pavers (still have 30+ to go- but waiting for the weather to cool a bit!)
  • Stripped the 30yo wall paper off the kitchen walls, spackled, sanded (removing and sheet rocking 2 areas that had built in speakers that the last owner had installed in the 80's)
  • Painted the kitchen a lovely yellow
  • Ripped up the carpet in the basement and the carpet tacking
  • removed the ceiling tiles
  • emoved the carpet from the basement steps (still in progress- TEDIOUS work!)
  • primed and painted the doors, trim and painted the walls and drop ceiling frame
  • We power washed the remaining portion of the back deck (as well as the front porch)
  • We sealed the back deck (in progress)

Our Remaining To Do List
  • Finish the deck (tomorrow!)
  • put new "Luxery" (oh la la) Vinyl Tile in the kitchen (this Thursday and Friday!)
  • paint the doors and trim in the basement as well as the stair case (once carpet is removed)
  • install laminate flooring (ready and waiting! We start laying Monday!)
  • Install built in shelving unit against stairs to make it an enclosed (and safer!) space, it will add storage and enable us to gate the bottom of the steps if necessary!)
  • Put in new decking on the front porch (it's a gazillion years old and causing leaks into the basement storage area underneath [not finished portion of the basement]
  • Replace windows in attic (old as the house and very leaky and unstable) and 2 of the windows in the girls room (almost as old, but they are not energy efficient)
  • paint the back bedroom that will be the girls room (in "Napa Dawn" which is a soft grey and "Fancy Pansy" - which is a medium purple  and will just be on ONE wall- it's intense but the girls insisted they need a purple room- easy to fix!).
  • Possibly replace the flooring in that room.
  • paint the attic and build in "closets" along the eaves of the (finished) attic (I came up with a super cool inexpensive way to do this- I can't wait to show the finished product. 
 For the fall...
  • Finish laying the patio 
  • Even out the dirt and the back yard
  • move garden beds to make the rest of the yard open and inviting (and make use of that shady area for what it's good for- enjoying the outdoors in the summer heat!)
Oh and then there is the bathroom renovation that we are looking at contractors and getting quotes for. I am so excited about all these changes...But is your head spinning yet? You're not alone. Mom and I ROCK- we are a force to be reckoned with but BOY has this been crazy busy!

 Because I can I will share a couple of the "middle" pictures- these aren't exactly AFTER pictures... We are all in progress right now!

Living area: main family room

Turn to the right and you are looking straight back into what will be our "school room"

Walk all the way back to that (was) green wall and turn to the left and here is the "offic nook"

The stairs

Looking from the back of the "school room" into the other half of the family room area

 And the "Middles"

 Standing in school room looking toward family room" In process of removing the carpet from the stairs

School room -like our chalk board? it is BROWN  chalkboard paint

school room and office nook on left

from family room
silly faces

My little helpr helping me tape off walls this morning
trying to show how I painted the drop ceiling frame our accent color "pale butter"

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