Wednesday, July 3, 2013

17 Months and updates...

Oh goodness life is too busy! June FLEW by- just a blink!
What happened in June?

The girls and I took a day trip to Ikea with my Mom- we had a lot of fun!

And Ryan, Pip and I took a day trip up to Albany, NY (over 3 hour drive) to get Pip's Lip Tie revised. She did amazing! Pip doesn't like riding in the car- she has never loved it...But in recent weeks it has been BAD. Intense crying/screaming with trips longer than a couple minutes. Epsecially after the Ikea trip, we were really nervous she would scream the entire trip- especially the ride home. She didn't cry once!

watching elmo and having a fruit pouch on the trip home.

 Her Lip tie is all fixed and healing well! And thankfully she will not require any more dental work since we caught the problem before the "bottle rot" actually started to rot her teeth!

3 days after procedure
With in a couple of days of the surgery she started saying Roo and Friendly's names and has been experimenting more and more with sounds and words. And her smile is so different!

Other things she is doing this month? Oh she started trying to use the potty!

She will often tell me she has to Poop and will do it on the potty. She is sooo proud.

she also loves to do any thing that involves her sisters...

Some other fun and exciting announcements to come! I am out of time- up to my elbows in a project.

More soon!

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