Sunday, July 28, 2013

18 Months....

It is hard to believe our baby is 18 months old already. It seems so unfair how quickly time seems to go.
Napping on the 26th- 18 months old!

I cannot express what a little light Pip has been in our family. She is just the sunshinest little person I have ever met. I love what she has added to our family.

It has been over a month since she had her laser surgery to release her lip tie. Her smile is showing no more signs of tooth decay (actually looks better than ever!), and she went from only occasionally making/practicing actual sounds (she loved to hum, but rarely made actual "ba/ga/ma/na/da" sounds) to talking up a storm!!!

A favorite activity: taking any bowl/cup or combo therein and transferring food/water  back and forth.

Such a little scientist!
New words this month:
"ma ma!!" Yes, finally this past month "mama" became more than a once a week thing to hear- she says it all the time. Some time's it means she is calling me. Some times it means she wants Mama's Milk. She is still nursing at least 3 times during the day -  usually when she is tired or hurting- it has been very helpful (did you know there are actually properties in breastmilk similar to tylonol/motrin? it actually physically numbs/eases pain!) when she wakes up with teething pain at night. The World Health Organization now recommends nursing to age 2 - Friendly weaned at 24mos- we'll see what Pip decides to do...Very happy to have some thing to help with the teething- she is cutting those four giant 1 year molars and has been quite a mess. :(

Another favorite word:  "baba" (Barnabas, my Mom's Westie)- this one is the most adorable! She loves to boss him around. She stands by the back door and yells "BA BA!!! BAAAAA BAAAA!!" and when he comes up to the door and tries to come inside with her she screams "na!!! Naaaaaaaa!!!!"  ("no") because she didn't want him to come INSIDE- she wanted him to go back out so she could do it again. She loves him and follows him all over the place trying to catch hold of him and pet him gently. Barny is such a good sport...I think some times all the attention the older two dole out on him makes him feel a bit anxious/overwhelmed (he still takes it in, in his placid way). But he does SO well with Pip and seems to enjoy (yet ignore) all her firm bossing.
The other day the girls were with my Mom when it was Barny's bath time. They shrieked with laughter as he was washed in the kitchen sink. And then it was time for his hair cut. Piper didn't like this part. Barny whines and yips through the whole process (he doesn't like the grooming stand). Piper whined with him and then started running from one side of the room to the other yelling "Ar ar ar ar ar ar!" in a high squeaky bark.

Playing puppy is another hilarious new thing.  She will walk over to me with a ball hanging out of her mouth. I throw it and she runs after it gets down on her belly- puts the ball back in her mouth (with her hands) and trots back over to me to do it again. She also like to be a puppy at the park. She will get down on all 4's and crawl (oooh so slowly) along the way.

She can reach the tap now! and she LOVES to play with the water at the sink- she brushes her teeth and washes her hands, her face and her hair...Endless entertainment!

Other words that have been heard: "amdee" (friendly), i-wee (Roo), Da-da/da-dee/ Nana (my Mom), "hun hun hun" (hungry/thirsty) "udge ja!" (love ya!), hi, yeah, na (no)

Her memory amazes me. The neighbors across the street from my Mom are friends of ours (true story: I met her online! I knew her for a few YEARS (not well, but we interacted) online and then we went to meet up and I realized she had moved into a house ACROSS THE STREET from my Mom- they home school and have a bunch of kids around our kids ages so it's really awesome!). The other day we were outside playing alone as the older two had gone to the park with my Mom...It had been a few weeks since we saw our friends because I have been *insanely* busy trying to get projects done at Mom's. Pip kept pointing across the street at N's house going "eh eh eh!" saying she wanted to go over and play. I couldn't believe she remembered.
A Sunday afternoon cat nap with Daddy

What a beauty!

She loves to hum and sing and she hums "ABC's" very clearly (and has even started to kind of differentiate letter sounds a very tiny bit- like it's nut just "um um um um um umm ummm.." it's more "aaaa aaa uuum um a a ummmm" and she'll throw in a few consonant sounds some times too)

From this morning. I realize there are a lot of pictures of her sleeping in this post. - it is just such a sweet sight. The one above she had her leg slung up over Daddy right before I snapped the picture. She and Ryan were sleeping in. She is such a snugga bug!

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