Sunday, July 7, 2013

June and July...around Home

So June was a busy month.. The past few weeks have been a lot of these scenes...

 Roo doesn't usually nap any more. But she does have to take a rest time while the younger two nap. We usually set her up with the bean bag chairs, a stack of books and some comfy blankets and pillows in the kitchen (since we only have 2 bedrooms)...She looks at books and I get some quiet too. This day? She fell asleep.
Friendly after a nap- she came out into the living room and fell back to sleep! This is when the tide finally turned from the over-tired stage.

After nap watching their show and waking up.
The Pip sleeping in (Thank God, for ONE child who likes to sleep in...some times! It's been a bit more rare lately- but she can still sleep in until 8:30/9 a few days a month...A little bit of heaven!)
Too precious...If you notice we have a "super family bed" right now....We all end up in that room most nights anyway, especially in the middle of Friendly's horrid night terror/night mare thing... so we put the beds together for the summer as that's the only bedroom with an a/c).
Here's a pic of the Super Family Bed

And Roo's Version of it:

 On top of sleeping we've had a lot of this...

The girls are now big enough to play out front of our building... There are small patches of grass and they take their stuff out on nice mornings and play house.

Pip's Cheese face (17mos)

Pip is SUCH A HAM!!!! And she's a bit of a dare devil...

This was a special night...We let them stay up just a LITTLE later and the girls and I went lightening bug hunting- we caught 7! And then Friendly let 4 loose in the apartment ("by accident") and we got to hunt them again!
 The HAM! Is it a third child thing? This girl is always trying to crack us UP! And she does...she is hilarious.
She thought the flash was funny and kept asking me (in her way) to take another...I couldn't resist!

 And forts...We've been making lots of forts!!! I'm not sure why dress up clothing was deemed a good material for "fort walls" - but I walked out from getting more blankets and discovered that that is what they had used instead! Tutu's and stuffed animals, who knew?

Take note of Pip's outfit- hard to tel lhere, and I never got a picture of it before she dumped red vitamin juice all over it- but she is wearing an outfit she picked out from FRIENDLY's dresser drawers and insisted I put on her. <3 She looked like a 90's punk or some thing...with a pineapple sequined shirt.

Sitting in the baby doll pack'n play ha!

Classic friendly expression, she INSISTED I snap a photo of her, and then made this face. ha!

I walked into the bedroom and found her scribbling away on the magnadoodle up on the big bed. She made her "cheese" face when she noticed the camera- I wish I had een able to catch her when she was soo intent on the magnadoodle- so fun!

I caught her before she saw the camera and made the "cheese face" yeah!

Add caption Friendly wanted a picture of her special braided hair.

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