Sunday, July 7, 2013

Folk Festival

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Onwards to the FOLK FESTIVAL!!! This tradition started back when Roo was Mom took Roo all alone on a date and bought her a special mug for cocoa.

Roo at the folk festival circ 2010


I'm not sure what happened in 2011- I couldn't find any pictures- I am guessing we might have skipped that year, or not had a camera.

Then in 2012 Friendly went along too!
circ. 2012

And she got a mug...

Well this year, Ryan was working on Saturday and Pip "needed a mug" and Roo's mug from her very first year got all cracked, so Nana offered to get her a new one. And while I trust my Mom to take all three girls on field trips, it isn't some thing I'd wish on her on a hot July day! So I tagged along too- and good fun was had by all!

Bounce fun!

Petting zoo!

checking out the hammock stand

Riding the "train". It was kind of funny, we searched the entire fair for the "train" only to realize we'd been standing right by it when we first got to the festival!

The train was a HIT!

It was a HOT day- a heat advisory and all- but there was a lovely breeze and the shade felt great! We hung out in the shade for quite a bit...Nana taught the girls how to make sling shoots with weeds. She's good like that.

The Pip and I hung out in the grass alone for a bit- she doesn't handle heat well, and since we were snuggled up in the carrier (after she tired of the stroller) the break in the shade was especially nice.  Here she is laying in the grass next to me. Classic Pip face when she can't decide if she likes some thing or not.

Another classic expression..Very thoughtful person.
and then she played in the grass for a while

Trying to make a "weed shot"

And then she almost fell asleep...
All in all a lovely morning well spent...

And every one has a mug now. <3

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