Sunday, July 7, 2013

Alright ..One more! Out and About...Around Home...You name it!

I have been trying desperately to catch up on blog posts! I stayed home this Sunday morning hoping to get some of that done- I mean at this point, I haven't even gotten our Easter pictures posted...Did I even ever share the bluebell pictures? I will have to check. But for now, these are the memories I want to capture... The day to day...Not just "the special" but the pictures that make up LIFE. So here they are...

Okay, well that isn't really it That is Ryan's new hobby. Aquaponics He can tell you about that some time...

No ...THIS is life...When we're not busy with renovations/projects at my Moms (which I still haven't explained what's up with all that!)
We're doing lots of THIS...

And playing...This is the new playroom, the smaller bedroom. Friendly also naps in here and starts out the night in here as she goes to sleep better when her sisters aren't around to distract her from what she needs to be doing...falling asleep! She's a chatter box!

We took the slide off the bunk bed and now use it for rainy day play for our cars...eventually we'll either hook it back up or attach it to an actual swing set...or some thing.

A field trip to "the resteraunt" at our local Wegmans...It's a giant treat- BOXED cereal (a treat) and strawberries at the RESTERAUNT. <3

In truth, it only happens when we're completely out of food and I need to grocery shop at breakfast time.  But hey, we make it a good thing!
 And afterwards? A trip to the park
Friendly and Pip almost always make car rides holding hands.
Pip getting sleepy riding on my back....
A common site... A nice picture ruined enhanced by Friendly
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Who ever says that girls don't wrestle/aren't rowdy have not met these kids...Especially Friendly. I wish I could have a freaking dollar for every time I have to peel her of some one. She is extremely physical. I mean just driving me crazy- to be honest. She needs the physical outlet of wrestling...Also, perhaps the amusement of being stronger, with the added perk of annoying every one too!). Seriously, give me a dollar!

Yup that pretty much sums it up!!!! Her sisters were shrieeeeking in this picture and all the people walking by us at the park were staring. I of course, had to take the picture before I peeled her off...I am awesome like that...
Which brings me to...These moments...

Grocery shopping ...just the 2 of us!

And tons and tons of others that go undocumented. Friendly is the middle girl, smooshed snuggly spaced between two other strong personalities. Parenting them all, well we're really trying to be sure no one is getting lost in the shuffle. And friendly is our MOST extroverted child- and this point- our most needy...she lives and breathes for interaction and conversation - especially from Mama (I seem to be glowing in the 3-4 year old "Mama is the apple of my eye" stage. Some times I wish the glare wasn't quite so...intense...but trying to soak it up and treasure it). So we've been taking special Dates together "just us" the rose garden...on little walks whenever I can steal some time with out the other two.

 I need to find ways to do this with Roo as well. But she tends to be more introverted and I have yet to find a way to meet her where she's at (let her know I am available, with out over stimulating both of us as deep one-on-one interactions leave us both grouchy...Parenting introverts, is complicated...Parenting the extroverts is just exhausting! :) Goal for July for sure!

Did I add this to the last post? I can't remember...Either way, Friendly LOVES to be "fancy" and she wanted especially to have a picture of her braid. <3

Onwards we go...Next post? The Folk Festival...SO recent, that it happened YESTERDAY! :)

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