Wednesday, August 14, 2013


  • Copied from Facebook. 
  • The girls have shared some serious gems with me the last few days. Today in the car Roo informed me of this fact:
    RJ: Mommy, when I grow up and have kids I am never going to get angry or yell at them.
    Me: Oh you aren't?
    RJ: No. I am going to say "Will you please stop?" and then they will do it.
    And then Friendly piped up.
    AJ: Yeah! I am not ever going to yell. I will just say [in sweet high voice] "stop stooop please!" and they will stop. And they will hold hands and play nicely together.
    RJ piped up: Yeah and I'm going to share my American girl doll with them.
    AJ: Yeah. I think I'm going to have a girl and name her Rose.
    RJ: I like Rosa better.
    Aj: yes. Okay.
    We have had a great morning, so I am not sure where this one came from. 
    And another...Yesterday in the car Amity told me:
    AJ: Mama, I don't like boys.
    Me: you don't?
    AJ: No. I don't like them. But I like Daddy. He's my best boy and I like him a lot. 

    Another gem from Roo on Monday (she got a knitting thing and she was all excited to make things for *other* people ;0)
    RJ: I am SO excited to use my new knitting thing. I am going to knit Daddy a scarf. It is going to be pink with pretty flowers all over it.
    Me: Oh and that's for *Daddy*.
    RJ: Yes, I think he will love it.
     And knowin their Daddy he would wear it for his girls. 

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