Sunday, September 1, 2013

Friendly is FOUR

This post is almost an entire month late! August was a blur of projects- and while we did slow down to celebrate our Birthday girl- it was extremely busy busy busy time and I haven't had a chance to sit down and share our celebrations.

First they helped Daddy bake the cupcakes. Roo is an expert egg cracker!

Friendly is an expert egg beater!

Pip is an expert batter eater. 

Friendly insisted for a month before her birthday she wanted CHOCOLATE cupcakes with PINK STRAWBERRY frosting... Daddy whipped them up (gluten free, corn free, dairy free amazingness!) and they were INCREDIBLE!!!
Our celebration was small. Just us and Nana (my Mom), but we sang loudly to our birthday girl and she blew out her candles!
Blowing out her candles

She got FLIP FLOPS for her Birthday. This child LOVES shoes- any kind. 
Mommy trying to get her flip flops apart.
What a THRILL her VERY own big-kid scooter!!!
We took it outside to try it out!

Pip chases! She wanted a turn!
And then we surprised Roo with a matching scooter!!
The pip enjoys her bike. 

It is hard to believe that four years with Friendly in our family has flown by SO fast!
Such a bright communicative baby!

A family walk September 2009

Her sense of humor was apparent VERY early on (November 2009)
Her first Birthday

She has always LOVED her birthday cards!
Second Birthday


Going on THREE

This past year has been such a treasure and a gift! She has grown and changed SO much in the past year.

September 2012- she fell asleep waiting for me to come put her down for a nap.

September 2012- sweet buddies.

Watching her grow into a big sister...

Enjoying her flamboyant and CRAZY awesome styles (yes, she wore sunglasses, a pumpkin hat, a flowered crown, AND froggie rain boots to the pumpkin patch) October 2012

Christmas Day 2012

Snuggling with Mama late winter 2013

ALWAYS wrestling with her sisters...
Early spring 2013
I can't believe how she has grown!!!


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