Sunday, September 1, 2013

Crayola Experience!

For Friendly's 4th Birthday we went to the Crayola Factory instead of doing a party- I think its' safe to say, fun was had all around!

For the special day Friendly insisted that it just be her, Roo, Mommy and Nana- no little babies (Pip)- that was certainly a good thing because the day we went the place was PACKED. I think she had a good "big kid" time...

Photo booth

Dancing with their drawings

Making a marker!

Ro and her new marker-note the lovely shiner! She came up on the wrong end of a frisbee game with a friend.

Ever chatting.

Model magic!

Making their treasure boxes

Roo didn't want her pic taken (well she was playing she didn't) I caught her!
They both decided it would be a funny game

sigh silly kids

Ever posing!

Glow in the dark - our drawing!

Roo wanted to take the elevator. Friendly wanted to take the steps...So she and I raced the elevator!

She did this victory dance for the 5 minutes we waited for the SLOOOW elevator. :)

This might have been her favorite thing- hot wax drizzaling- she worked on this one card for about 15 minutes (and this was her 4th or 5th one!)

A good time all around! Happy Fourth Sweet Friendly Joy!!! We are so so so happy you are part of our world!

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