Monday, September 2, 2013

Around Home...New!

My project note book with colors and lists and schedules...

Pip playing on our newly refinished deck (we restored it)

THE MONSTER GARDEN outback. We decided to just leave the garden be this year- we had SO many projects it was just crazy. Well every thing reseeded!! And this is what happens when you intentionally "let it go" wild jungle yard! These are our PUMPKINS! THe past THREE years we have tried desperately to get pumpkins to grow (I love them- it's a thing), and we failed miserably. Last fall we threw away some pumpkin guts there and BAM they went crazy in the spot and we have about 20 pumpkins growing like crazy in there!!!

our tomatoes

Pumpkin and morning glory craziness

Do you see our new patio in process back to my right?Or my left? back there on the left... yup!

Playing in the family room

Story time with Friendly...

Roo is SUPER into the planets right now. Nana got her a magnetic set with all the planets and she's been having fun arranging them...on the heater.

Gorgous pip.

RACE! This is endless entertainment. They start at the corner and I yell "ready set go!" and they FLY as fast as they can to the front steps and I tell them their time. Seriously- we do this for hours a day, wears them out!

Pip helping build the new shelving unit.


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