Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Dog Show...And Doll Houses ...And 19mos!

There is a hint of Autumn in the air and we've been enjoying more of the outdoors. We have officially moved to our new home, and we are slowly moving all of our things over. We won't be officially moved out of our apartment for a bit- and I am so thankful for the time to sort through stuff and really cull down our belongings to what we truely need. This is the BEST way to move! No rush and with care and intention about what we bring with us. Of course, then there is the bother of schlepping stuff to Salvation Army ,but there is so much freedom from STUFF this way- so definitely still a bonus!
I think this was the first week in September the girls and I enjoyed a gorgeous morning out on the front porch preparing for the DOG SHOW and making Paper Dolls. 
Friendly would color and help cut out the dolls clothing

Roo preparing for the DOG SHOW- seriously, the cutest thing I Have ever seen in my life. She was adorable. 

She made the sign herself (well I helped with "SHOW" and "Tonight" but she added "dog does amazing tricks" beneath SHOW. :)

This was the ticket box...We made tons of tickets too but I didn't take any pictures of them yet. 

more crafties. Excuse the messy porch- we've sanded all the old paint off and are going to have some of the decking replaced and new paint put on every thing this month!! Yay 

Roo also strung up some peracord all on her own and hung flowers and every thing...Note the railing above. She took Hasta and special rocks to decorate it ALL. 

I have more pictures of the doll house- I dont' think I have them on here though, I'll have to add them later... The girls made these GIANT doll houses out of paper where they made all the rooms with pictures of furniture. It was a several day thing. 

AND Pip is 19months! Okay actually she is going on 20 months- but I realized I never gave a monthly update on her. Pip has continued to drop words and was pretty much down to "maa" and "baaaa" (barny the dog) and we were all growing increasingly concerned and frustrated because communicating has been getting harder. She WANTS to communicate, she is expressive- she just hasn't been using WORDS. After two VERY early talkers (Friendly especially was speaking in paragraphs by this age): well this is a new experience! I decided to give Early Intervention a call and she had an eval last week. She is certainly delayed and will be starting speech therapy next week, at home, every Thursday morning. She was right on task with pretty much all the other milestones. She is definitely struggling with expressive language though. They are fairly certain it is due to her Lip Tie and Tongue Tie issues and they are going to be work on on some other things that she is having trouble doing with her mouth (she doesn't copy facial expressions or mouth movements, cannot drink from a straw, etc).  She was able to do a ton of things I didn't think she'd be able to, she was right on for every thing else socially, and her gross motor skills are off the charts (Okay, not "off" the charts- but she's quite agile!). She now has 3 molars, and 8 teeth and is working on her two bottom bicuspids and is miserable. Ah well , teething is almost done. almost done!!!!

She can however make the most amazing Mr. Potato Head Creations EVER. <3 

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