Monday, September 2, 2013

Attic Bedroom Befores and Afters..

The attic bedroom will be Ryan and my room when the kids move down to their new room (not done yet). This was a HUGE job and I did it (besides my Mom and Ryans GIANT contribution of childcare!!!) 100% on my own. All the priming and painting: all me! It took me about 5 days. 
This is the before can't really get a real idea of any thing, there was a lot of stuff piled n the middle of the room...But you can see the color was like a burgundy (just a primer- it was supposed to be paited red- but never got finished). I primed it white and then painted the walls a blue called "sigh" and the other 2 walls a creamy color called "Old Time Bakery" and the trim in some long funny named creamy tan.


To add storage and a kind of closet to the room I put together 2 expidit shelves (from IKEA) along the wall to closet it off, and to act as new dressers for Ryan and I.

I also added a new wardrobe (IKEA) for our closet. Excuse the ugly A/C and make shift padding around it.

That is our new KING sized bed with the girsl TWIN sized beds (with more about 3 feet past that!) if that gives you an idea of the size of the room. It is big! And cozy. and AWESOME!

Still to do in the attic: put outlet covers up. Move out some of my brothers stuff that is still up there. And install new windows (the ones there are as old as the 80 year old house and not insulated).
And just because they are adorable (from this morning)

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