Saturday, October 20, 2012

Rainy October Craft

October 19, 2012 
A week or so ago we bought 2 big things of salt. Ever since the girls have been looking forward to a free-rainy day do a "salt dough" craft...Yesterday was the day.

It was messy...difficult (gf flour and starch)- but we managed! I think the painting part (next rainy day!) will be more fun!

It didn't help that Pip cried to be up with us at the table, but can't really do that unless I hold her...She sat in her high chair for 2 mintues while we finished up. Roo gave her a teddy bear to make her feel better. 

Roo and Friendly's hand prints

Pip's hand nad our other crafts. 


And now I am finally done catching up the blog. woohooo for me!

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