Saturday, October 20, 2012

Field Trip To Pumpkin Festival

October 18, 2012 we went with some friends to a local farm that has a Pumpkin festival...We went on a hay pumpkins... Well the pictures say it all!

The FOUR Joys...

Pumpkin Hunting

Pip was really not liking the hay ride on the way back. She does NOT like to be jostled and the ride was bumpy!

Friendly held her hand. <3

Roo was sitting with friends. 

Hay maze

Corn table!

Farm tour

Roo milked the cow!!

Friendly fed the goat

They were so sweet standing in line listening to the farmer tell them about all the animals

Friendly stood very close to Roo- she is in a very shy phase.

Not a flattering pic of me, but my little mini-me taking it all in from mommy's back!

getting the chicken eggs out of the nexting box



Feeding the chickens

The Hay Slide

They went up and down over and over!

Roo in the green at the top

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