Saturday, October 20, 2012

AUTUMN We're enJOYing!

Catching up a bit... This is from September:



Sleepy Pip at the Organic Apple Festival!

Off to pick apples!

Daddy helping Roo reach!

Excuse the trash bags on the balcony... But I woke up on moring and this is what the girls had done: 
Roo had heard it was autumn and woke up in a decorating mood! She had taken "streamers" and hung them for spider webs- then found osme tape and strung them (with Friendly's help) all over the place!

Then they had drawn a ton of jack o lanterns and covered the window in them!
They added a spider on the spider web. 
Drawing a "spider web"

Later that morning...Sister snuggles...

Note the baby under Friendly's Shirt she is "babywearing" ha!

Friendly loves to "hold" Pip- she also likes to grab her hands and walk her around until they are both laughing so hard they can't stand up anymore!

Roo is in a "make a silly face as soon as I see a camera" stage

Pip was sleepy and just laying in the middle of the living room for several minutes. 

Some recent art work. 

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