Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kid Of The Day

"Kid of the Day" is some thing I started a couple of months ago...I can't take credit for the genius, an older Mom suggested it for disagreements and wow! Life saver!

How it works in our house: when there is a disagreement, kid of the day makes the final call. When they are fighting over a toy (and it's a general "family toy"/doesn't belong specifically to some one else): kid of the day gets the toy.  Kid of the day gets to make special decisions (where we go, what kind of crafts we do, etc).

Kid of the day is special. So special every other day is marked on the calender with the KOTD's first initial (because I can never remember).

Friendly lives for Kid of the Day. Her first words to me every morning are, "Am I the kid of the day? Let's go check the calender!" If she is The Kid she proudly announces (several times) "I am the kid of the day R! I am The Kid today!!!!"
If it is not her day she says, "I am the kid of the day tomorrow! The next day I will be the Kid of the Day!!! Tomorrow, ok??"

Every single day is either Friendly's Day or -soon-be-Friendly's Day. She relishes in the decision power. Roo on the other hand, in her manner- doesn't really care...I mean she appreciates it when it comes to disagreements. But she doesn't relish in the power like her younger sister. When Roo is The Kid I have to be really  intentional in making it a a "thing" for her ("ooh, look Roo is KOTD so she gets to go first for this game" etc). She does appreciate when it sides an argument in her favor, I have noticed that!

I love how different they are. And I love when it is Friendly's day: those days are easier in so many ways.

Kid of the day Lesson: Three year olds love having *power*- real or imagined.

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