Saturday, October 20, 2012

Camping August 31, 2012

Having Pip at the beginning of the year really limited our "vacation time" this year. But labor day weekend we decided we would have one little mini-cation and we went to visit Uncle Shane (Ryan's brother) who lives on a farm 1.5 hours away. 

The trip was fun...
and then not so fun...

Poor Pip cried most of the ride, even (or maybe especially) because I rode in the back to keep every one awake on the long late-evening drive out to Shane's.

We arrived around 7:30/8pm and quickly realized we weren't completely prepared for camping! We forgot a lot of stuff. Thankfully Shane's apartment was about 1/2 a mile away and we could get most of what we needed there. It actually worked out perfectly, a very safe place to get back into the camping groove. We set up the tent in the dusk while Shane started the fire. We roasted hotdogs on the fire and made smore's. The girls were both excited about sleeping outside and stayed up quite late! It was the night of the Blue Moon and SO bright and gorgeous out!

I slept with a root in my hip bone the whole night, and didn't sleep well...But all in all worth the fun of being together.

We had such a wonderful visit with Shane we ended up staying two extra days out at his place! It was the most relaxing trip we've ever been on as a family. Thankfully (hehe) it poured and thundered the next 2 nights so we slept at Shane's- but that little taste of camping made us hungry for more! Looking forward to next year and many adventures!

Sunrise view from our camping spot.
Shane slept out under the stars until the mosquitos started eating him alive- he camped in his car after a few hours of being eaten! He moved back out when we woke up, and promptly fell asleep. It always cracks me up how he can pass out in the middle of my kids running circles around him. 
Watching the morning fire. 
One day over the weekend we went swimming at the White's house- we had so much fun! Such a blessing!

Shane took some awesome pictures of our weekend, I will have to see about getting those up some time- I keep forgetting to ask him for them!

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