Monday, November 14, 2011

Status Gems...

Favorite quotes from the girls today: 
Roo  dancing ballet (to her own music): "Okay A- can you say Brava! Bravo! Brava!"?
Friendly: "Bravo Rocco!!" :0D

And (they were playing house) RJ: Oh my A, it looks like you have a very sore froat. Looks like you're going to have to stay in bed for FIVE weeks."

That's a serious sore throat.

Me: A, please don't hang onto the hamper like that, it might break.
Friendly (in HIGH singing voice): I hanging onto haaaaaamper and stomping my feet! I wike da haaaaaaamper. I wike my feeeet."
sorry kid, singing a cute song will not distract me from what you are trying to do.

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