Thursday, November 3, 2011

Knitting Projects...

I taught myself to knit last year...Thank you YouTube...  My willing Mother and Sister tried for years to teach me...It was YouTube that broke the code for me.

My first project ever last year:

It's a cowl scarf thing
But a month or so ago, I decided it was time to dive in and learn the real deal... So youtube and I got together and I started searching for videos to show me more skills...

I learned how to knit in the round with double pointed needles...

Here you can see my skills really took off...The progression of the Wool Soakers I have made for Newby so far
From first on the left to most recent on the right...And Newby peeking out there too. <3 
This is a picture of the soaker I completed last week: 

Now I'm branching out even more...Into CHRISTMAS GIFTS (dun dun duuuuh)

My current project...A dinosaur...
Not knitting in the round, just the only size 5 needles I own!

I hope to make a turtle and 2 "hot dog dogs" (all from this awesome book)...The girls especially requested the dogs for Christmas gifts...Not that we need any more stuffed animals...But I figure if I get good enough I can sell them in my etsy store...Feed this knitting addiction by making some money. Win win, right?

I Need to finish up this dino (my practice at making toys) and then we'll attempt the Polka Dot Stripey Dog. *I* want the turtle...But I think it will be Newby's early Christmas gift....if I get a chance. I'm getting pretty fast with projects, but it's hard to find time where I can knit during the day...Friendly really likes to help...too much. But it's fun to see if I can sneak in a row here and there!

Off to knit!!

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