Monday, November 7, 2011

Busy Girls...Times at Play.

Friendly must have hit a new developmental level ...Or maybe Roo did. But (holding my breath) they have been playing together SO well the past several days. They still have their little tiffs, their littles after all, but this new level of extended play is wonderful! I mean hours at a time of these funny little adventures.

 Some times their adventures mean a BIG mess... (And please excuse the underwear...I can't keep these children dressed...The moment they walk in the door from being out they strip...They live in PJ's, underwear or dress up clothing....Saves on laundry I suppose. 

Right now their favorite games are: "library" and "go to work". Library involves taking all the DVD's ("books") off the one book shelf and sorting them, carrying them to different rooms,  "scanning" them, and then putting them all back (my favorite part!). They make a giant mess during this game but they have an absolute blast doing it.

Also "go to work"... Roo (I believe) invented this one for when she wants to play with a certain toy alone. Roo sits and works on some thing alone (usually the play kitchen) and Friendly goes off to "work" (in one of the bedrooms) and then when Friendly comes out Roo says, "No you have to go for a LONG LONG time!" and Friendly goes back to the room... And then eventually she  comes back out and announces, "I'm HOME!!!!" and Roo rushes over to her and gives her a giant hug and says "You're HOME! I'm so glad to see you!" and then, "Okay, go back to work."

They are playing that game right now and I just heard Friendly go out and say "I home. I so happy to see you. I KISS you!" and make loud smacky sounds.
Some times they switch and Roo goes and plays some thing alone in the bedrooms and comes "home" for a few minutes to play with Friendly. Fun game.

Another game is "getting ready for the ball" They set up a whole little make up table and put on imaginary gowns (they have dress up stuff but ????)

If you can't see the blue container lid is the "mirror" the marble wooden board game is the make up tray..The purple nubby ball is a "puff" and the sausages (from their toy food) were the applicators (for lipstick, eye shadow and blush.) They set this up completely on their own and played at it for a good 40 minutes. Can you see Friendly's necklace? That was pat of her ball gown apparently... 

This new stage made all the MONTHS  (pretty much from the time Friendly started crawling in Feb of 2010 to the past few weeks) of having to constantly keep them separated unless I was (more or less) actively involved or aware of the situation. All the months of watching them like a hawk so they wouldn't hurt each other...THIS is what I thought would be the benefit of having siblings: they always have some one to be with..Sure they get sick of each other some days and fight...But the sweet moments of getting to watch them enjoy each other and have their friendship grow: beautiful.

Yes, they have a slide in their bedroom...Lots of enertainment!

We enjoy trips to Target: we get to play with the  toys...

dress up on Halloween...

Friendly in her "Awvana Cubbie Best[vest]" She even made  up a song "I are Awana Cubbies Vbest I happy and wub DJesus"

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