Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A fun 10 minutes...

The girls playing with their dolls..

Friendly: Awww sweet baby Moses.
Roo: NO A! It's Jesus!! We're playing Jesus..

Near wrestling match ensued.

It was decided that Roo's baby would be Jesus and Friendly could Mama Moses.

When we had finally worked that out and the girls were playing nicely.. Roo was tucking "baby Jesus" into his cradle. Friendly was kissing and rocking Moses. It was all good. Then Ryan came into the mix. Charged in on all 4's snarling like a rabid animal. Roo squeaks,  "AAAH! It'sa Crwazy donkey! AAAAH!" ????  Not sure where the "crazy donkey" thing came from...I guess she was so stuck in her little Nativity re-enactment she had to make the rabid beast fit some where!

Roo: "NO Donkey! I'm Mary! You have to stop and take me and Jesus to Egypt! NO!!!" He grabs "baby Jesus" up in his mouth and charges away. They take chase, rescue Jesus...He takes chase. Charging around the house on all 4's (and we wonder why he is ALWAYS wearing holes in his jeans!). It eventually ends with a wrestling match, in which he has them so wound up that Friendly, in a fit of laughter, pee's on him! 

She pauses, and then hops down, strips off her underwear, throws her hands in the air above her head, and strikes a broadway pose: "ACCIDENTS HAPPEN! But IS OKAAAAAAY!" 

Always for the comedic ending! 

And I will say, I prefer peeing because she's laughing so hard- to passing out...Which is what happened a few weeks ago...He got her so wound up that she fell backwards: hit her head, wound up to cry: and passed out (she was thankfully only out for a couple of seconds!).

Our sweet Friendly. 

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