Monday, November 7, 2011

Park Days October Quickly...

Pictures from some of our Park Days in October..I have gotten so far behind on blogging...Here are all the pictures from October. What a fun, unexpectedly different, month!

Snack in the gazeboo

A beautiful butterfly we saw...

Park morning...

We call this "bumper cars" when going up a steep hill...Or when Roo is just "too tired" I push her with the umbrella stroller... Gets us around the big loops!

Love that her bike has to lay on it's side. :0)

This was our "nature study" time... They had a blast! 

We Studied "burrs" and how they stick to us!

Friendly seeing what the burrs would stick to!

Playing with "ink berries" this was their favorite.

We had made their "binoculars" that morning... They were very proud. 

A Sunday at the park Friendly swinging HIIIIGH.

Half way through our "nature hike"

Roo off exploring. 

made it to the "look out" area, gorgeous!

They were happy for a break...We ended up walking 2.5 miles that day (just me and the kiddos) that morning. They were beat by the end!

Newby and I... I think I was about 28 weeks here..

A quick morning walk last week

Friendly skipped nap and fell asleep that day. <3 

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