Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Roo Stuff...

Oh funny little Roo...She's growing so very fast! It is hard to fathom that she'll be FOUR next month!! How could 4 years just fly by? She is almost the exact same age that Ryan was when we met, now that is weird.

A few Roo things lately...

Learning Letters:
Roo is starting to recognize that different shapes make different letters. She really loves to practice writing them and making LONG words (especially long one!).  But Mama can't show her...NO WAY. If I even attempt to be educational she will shoot it down "I can't write THAT one! It's not squirlgylafd enough!" 
That's her other funny thing...When she needs an excuse for some thing she just makes up a word for it. Practical she is.
One of Roo's many "words"
As with so many things I'm finding with this child: she has to do things and get to things in her own time. And that's just fine.

I love that Roo is starting to see letters in every thing around her... Today when I was helping 
her after she used the bathroom she looked before flushing and said "Look Mama, it kind of 
looks like the letter A." Yes, TMI but it was true!

Time and Numbers...
Roo is starting to understand that clocks (digital) use numbers to tell us what part of the day it is. She has learned that in the morning she needs to wait until 6 o'clock before coming in and waking us up. She takes Ryan back in her room and points to the clock and says "Look, it says "6" I can get up now, right?" 

 This morning she called Ryan in at 6:06 and she said, "Look Daddy!!!! It's TWO sixes!!!!!!!!!" 
she was so excited.
When she doesn't want to do some thing,  "Well no...We need to 
wait until after 5:11 to do that!" 
It's so amazing to watch and see how some of these concepts are clicking!


She loves it. She seems to thrive on time to just draw and create...Our home cannot contain 

all that she  wants to MAKE. LOVE it.

A drawing she made of "Mommie and Daddy" back in September.  As Ryan put it, "I don't know how you came out looking like a mermaid angel and I cam out looking like a grumpy old man!" ME either, but I'll take it!
"Angelina Ballerina" a recent drawing.

She loves to paint! First, she paints some body (this is a picture of "Miss Piggy"). And then she tells this whole story while she covers them all up in paint until the entire page is filled and just "globs" (to an adult eye)...But to her it's a story...And I guess that's what matters.
Fun things...

She also loves to "read" to her sister...Especially out of big important looking books (from Daddy's bookshelf) Books with no pictures on the front or any where in them. 
Today she found my Bible, opened it up and started reading to Friendly...

‎"Once upon a time in candycane land there was me. And then he Called me. Raised me. And saved me when i was sad." The story went on and on and on in the most sermon-tone of voice I have ever heard.

This really floored me. She doesn't hear many sermons, I guess in a few of her Bible DVD's Jesus speaks in a similar tone of voice but ...REALLY? Where did she get "called, raised, and saved" from? Still scratching my head over that adorable little story time. Another story she's been telling today..."Once there was a boy. He was big and 6 years old 
and he was borned in a great place." It went on but had different variations that I didn't catch.

It is so much fun to watch her grow into this little kid!

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